Monday, June 23, 2008

IF: hoard

I don't know if this illustration is right with the week topic...
I found a definition of hoard as a "hiding place"... And my bear is hiding!
If It's wrong I hope you'll forgive me ^_^


I changed the illustration a little bit making the fireflies more recognizable.
I actually didn't know if it was a finished work or not but after reading my friend Miyuki's comment I decided to add little wings and lights!
But I must admit the I like the hibernation interpretation too ^___^

And I also want to explain that this one is part of a series of works representing the 5 senses.
This one is Sight!



Bella Sinclair said...

I love this little bear! Incredibly cute, and the fireflies are a nice touch.

-J.Meyer said...

Cute bear, I like the texture in the picture, it gives a nice movement to the piece.


MIYUKI said...

This picture is so cute!!
And the contrast of blue and black is nice!
I guess the white dots are snow,the season is winter.
So I interpreted your bear to hibernate in the woods.
I hope my understanding is the same as your intention!

Eric Barclay said...

Very nice illustration- really like the colors and texture.

kathy hare said...


MIYUKI said...

I'm happy that my misunderstanding made your work finished(^^;
Anyway,this pic became better and more fantastic!
Thanks for your retouching(^v^)

pigeon-master said...

Lovely! I really like the texture and the shade of blue is perfect for the theme of hibernating

Laura Marsh said...

For such a simple illo, it is packed with emotion. That bear is so cute, and the fireflies are a delight. Great job!